Finding GP Jobs: Why Use a Recruitment Agency?

While you may have found your own job as GP in the past, you may find it easier to find your next job through a recruitment agency. The medical sector is very competitive and fast-moving, and you may find that a consultant can give your job prospects a real boost. What are the advantages to using an agency?

Save Time

If you're currently working as a GP, you aren't likely to have a lot of free time, especially during the working day. Using an agency to find your next job could be a massive time saver. For example, once you've submitted your application to the agency and been through its screening process, you can simply sit back and let the recruitment consultants take the strain. They can source jobs for you, answer initial questions from potential employers and arrange interviews at times that suit you.

Find More Job Options

A medical recruitment agency can help you access more GP jobs than you are likely to find on your own. If you want to work locally, then a local agency is likely to have good contacts with medical facilities that hire GPs in your area; work with a national agency and you can potentially find suitable jobs all over the country without having to do any research yourself.

Plus, you may find that some people who hire GPs prefer to work with agencies rather than to do all the hiring work themselves. The fact that agencies can supply qualified doctors who have been interviewed and screened can save a clinic, practice or hospital a lot of time and effort. In some cases, this may mean that some jobs aren't as widely advertised as others, and going through an agency may be the only way to find some GP roles.

Improve Your Job Prospects

Being a good doctor doesn't mean that you'll also be good at getting a job. You may not feel confident about how you come across in an interview, or you may find it difficult to negotiate salary and benefits packages. A good recruitment consultant can help you prepare better. For example, your consultant may be able to run mock interviews for you to help you work out areas where you could make some improvements. Consultants may also be able to help you negotiate your next salary when you get a job offer.

To find out more about how a recruitment agency could help you find your next GP job, call a couple of local medical agencies and ask to speak to a consultant who places general practitioners. Consultants can give you an indication of how many GP jobs they are currently handling and how they can help you in your job search.