Why Is Your Child Complaining About A Toothache?

One of the most common dental problems that children and adults alike will suffer from during their lifetime is a toothache. Since this issue is so typical, it is not surprising that some people will underrate the problem under the impression that it is a minor occurrence that will simply go away on its own. While adults do have the foresight to understand if their tooth pain is temporary or will need the intervention of a dentist, children do not have that same perception. Therefore, it is up to you to investigate the cause of the tooth pain and seek medical attention as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage to your child's teeth. If your child is complaining of a toothache, read on for a couple of usual causes of this problem so that you can establish if you need to visit a dentist.

Tooth sensitivity

Sensitivity, granted, is an issue that is typically associated with adults since it is attributed to the normal wear of your teeth's enamel. Nonetheless, this does not mean that your child is immune to this problem. Your child may develop tooth sensitivity if they are prone to grinding their teeth. Additionally, the sensitivity can develop if their enamel is eroded or if it is simply weaker than normal. If your child complains about pain when they eat or drink anything hot or cold, you should set up an appointment with a dentist so that they can establish the cause of the sensitivity as well as determine how extensive it is. Your dentist will then recommend specialised toothpaste or may even prescribe a mouth guard for children suffering from bruxism.

Tooth decay

Decay is an issue prevalent in children since they have not yet mastered the right way to carry out their oral care routine. If you do not inspect their teeth after each time they brush, there is the chance of food debris accumulating between the spaces of their teeth. As the food particles decay, bacteria will start to break down your child's enamel and subsequently degrade their teeth. While decay can occur on any of your child's teeth, it is advisable to inspect their molars and premolars routinely, since these are fundamental chewing teeth. If your child is complaining of a minor toothache, it could mean that the decay is at the early stages. Visiting a dentist at this point could help save your child's tooth. However, if the decay has spread into the tooth, your child could end up needing a root canal or perhaps an extraction if it is a milk tooth.