Your Guide to Incidental Findings on Head CTs

Head CT scans are useful tools for lots of different scenarios. If you've recently suffered trauma to your head, it allows your neurosurgeon to identify brain bleeds. Also, it can help them diagnose different types of strokes, tumours and even the progression of dementia. Sometimes, your medical team may see something on the scan that they weren't expecting. When this happens, they may refer to it as an incidental finding. If this scenario is new to you, it might help to learn more about what to expect.

Why Educational Assessments Are So Important for Students

If you are a parent, you probably like to stay on top of everything that is involved with your child's education. You might be aware of the fact that your child has to undergo regular educational assessments, and you might not be sure of whether or not you like this policy. After all, you might not really understand why educational assessments are done or why they are important. There are actually a few different reasons why educational assessments are so important for students.

Things You Should Know About Physiotherapy for Neck Pain Relief

One of the reliable treatments you can consider for chronic neck pain is physiotherapy. Usually, the therapy programs are designed to reduce pain and stiffness and stretch the neck while strengthening it. But, it's crucial to note that therapists don't offer standard treatment for neck pain. The treatment is usually customised depending on the cause or severity. The duration the neck specialist physiotherapist takes to treat also varies from one person to another.

Sick or Injured? 5 Reasons to Visit a Walk-In Medical Clinic

Visiting hospitals can be a stressful experience. Most of these facilities are often crowded, and the ordeal can be even more frustrating when you need urgent medical attention. Luckily, walk-in medical clinics offer the best alternative to emergency rooms (ER). Today, they are the most sought-after care centres for patients with minor injuries and illnesses.  Continue reading for five reasons why you should consider visiting a walk-in medical clinic.   They Offer a Wide Range of Services

Are you purchasing your first hearing aids? What you should know

If you've been diagnosed with a hearing complication, you may be wondering where to start when it comes to hearing aids. The hearing aid industry has expanded significantly over the past few years. From simple analogue devices, you can now expect to come across smart, rechargeable machines that produce rich sound while connecting to multiple devices. You may be tempted to start looking into complex features and advanced hearing aid designs.