A guide to getting a hearing assessment

If you have noticed a decline in your hearing and suspect that you might need a hearing aid, it is important to have a hearing assessment as soon as possible. This type of medical examination can usually be carried out at one of your local health care clinics. Here is a brief guide to the three stages of a typical hearing assessment. Stage 1: A discussion about your health Your doctor will begin the hearing assessment process by having a conversation with you about your health.

How a Compounding Pharmacist Can Meet Your Unique Medication Needs

Compounding is the process of creating a medication that's personalized in order to satisfy the special needs of an individual patient. This is realized by establishing a relationship involving the doctor, patient and pharmacist. Compounding pharmacists come in handy in terms of producing these personalized medications to help patients with different needs. Patients can request for compounded medications from these formulations including capsules, nasal sprays, topical creams and ointments, sublingual drops, ophthalmic drops, mouthwashes, solutions and suspensions.

Sexual Health Clinic Services You May Not Know Exist

When you think of the sexual health clinic you may think of contraceptives or of STD screening. This is due in large part to the fact that these are the services that are the most talked about among clinic professionals, nurses, doctors, and even the media. This tends to lead people to believe there are no services that may pertain to them. The truth is, there are some sexual health clinic services you may not know exist that might actually pertain to your life.