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Lifestyle Changes to Help Manage and Prevent Varicose Veins

Varicose veins is a vascular disease that occurs when the valves in the veins are not functioning correctly to allow one-way blood flow. As a result, blood stagnates in the veins and begins to pool in one place instead of circulating to the heart and other parts of the body. Varicose veins is characterized by swelling on the feet and ankles, tender spots around where blood has collected, and dark blue, purple or red blood vessels showing on the skin around the thigh and calf muscles.

Two ways that osteoporosis sufferers can manage their condition

Osteoporosis is a medical condition which results in a loss of bone density. People who suffer from this disease usually have extremely brittle bones which can break very easily. Here are two ways that those who have osteoporosis can manage their condition. Take action to prevent falls If someone who has osteoporosis falls over, they will be much more likely to break a bone than a person who does not suffer from this condition.

Boxing Basics for Healthy Fighting

Taking part in any physical sport can be a dangerous affair without the right type of protection, especially if you decide to take up amateur boxing. Ensuring that you have all of the correct headgear, mouth guards, hand wraps and other bits and pieces will help you to train longer and harder, whilst reducing the likelihood of injury. This simple guide will explain the importance of the three most important pieces of kit you'll be using, to help you better understand boxing so that you can enjoy it as one of the leading fitness and combat sports in the world.

Two ways to treat tendonitis

Tendonitis is a condition which results in a tendon (the long, fibrous tissue that connects muscles to bones) becoming inflamed. This condition is often caused by repetitive forms of exercise, such as tennis and running. Some of the most common symptoms associated with tendonitis include swelling and pain around the affected tendon and a grating sensation when the tendon is moved. Most sufferers also find it very difficult to move the body part in which the tendon is located.

Understanding Eczema In Babies And Toddlers

Eczema is a relatively common paediatric skin condition that is most likely to appear in the first couple of years of your child's life. Some babies develop the condition soon after birth, and eczema is a chronic condition that's thought to occur when the skin's natural barrier gets overly dry and doesn't function well. The exact cause of eczema is not fully understood, but children with a close relative who has food allergies, hay fever, asthma or eczema are at an increased risk of developing this condition.